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Creatures of Daniela Forti In 2002, Daniela Forti participated in the exhibition held at the splendid Guicciardini Castle of Poppiano in the province of Florence. The exhibitions were entitled “Creatures”, an artistic itinerary between glass and food-tasting with the desire to reawaken the senses.

The works of Daniela Forti are glass sculpture-installations, where the antique knowledge of glass fusion technique emerges evidently, with a particular attention towards the research.
… the senses are therefore in foreground…
Glass, lightweight elusive crystals. Sparse yet intense. The shapes of Daniela Forti are dynamic, transparent, fragile yet tangible. Statuesque shapes tell about the restless place of the mind which searches for the marvellous and the baffling. Stalactites, stalagmites, north and south of the ice which reach such beauty only with fire.

Press release by
Simona Nordera


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Landscape in Chianti

A stone’s throw from the great art cities of Tuscany, the Chianti area with it’s olive groves and vineyards is the ideal holiday location for long walks along footpaths and visits to Florence, but also to Siena, Arezzo, Pistoia, Prato, Lucca (dislocated in ray form around these almost intact hills, and all at about one hour’s driving-distance) It is the place to seek out good food and good wine in the many organic agriculture farms of the area. A valuable address is that of Daniela Forti, painter and sculptor, where in her beautiful house just outside of Montespertoli, a sheltered village on top of a knoll, besides her work in glass from which she obtains her luminous sculptures – she sometimes hosts in large, welcoming rooms those such as she, who love this landscape and its tranquility.

Anna Nadotti,
writer from Turin, describes her impressions
during a stay at Daniela Forti’s studio inJuly 2001



Participants: 220 artists of 35 countries
Mission Impossible

The Antonio Ratti Miniartextil 2004 award, has been unanimously awarded to the work “Mission Impossible” of Daniela Forti for the suggestiveness and the refinement of the image, where the fragile, transparent “broken threads” of glass raise themselves from a dark base of formless fragments, alluding with praised poetry to the tension of a “mission” as “impossible” as ethically necessary.

Text of the awarding of the prize
written at Como in 2004 by:
Rossana Bossaglia
Luciano Caramel
Walter Valentini



…the transparency of the waters which flow thunderously in the creeks, the colors which meet in the Chianti landscape, the light blue crystals of the Siena sky in springtime, the splendid color of the sunset, … these are the emotions aroused by viewing of Daniela Forti’s works.

The artist’s sensitivity could do no else than to ‘steal’ the perfect colors and forms of her adoptive place.
Daniela Forti creates lamps, luminous sculptures of glass and crystal to the sound of the Chianti countryside which influences her sensory perception and allows her to ‘sense’ the world which surrounds her.
Daniela Forti uses the crystal, a very fragile material which, in her hands, becomes unbreakable and powerful, challenging the forces of gravity. And she adds wonder to wonder by seeing glass threads supporting a tray.

The impression you get watching her intently at ‘work’ in her home-atelier rich with her artwork, is a surprise, that kind of wonder you demand from art; you may remain agape with the marvel of watching the brightness emitted by her work, still before appreciating their forms and manufactured materials.
The brightness and brilliancy in these works is immediately evident, always different depending upon its external light.
Dynamics seem fixed. Illusion in the illusion, actually the light sculptures of the Italian artist change in a circular motion, clockwise, such as meridians which give us the sense and the evolution of daily time.
Florentine cultural theater journalist during the exhibition in Geneva in 2004.

Alessandra Pagliai
Geneve 2004




The hanging glass sculptures of Daniela Forti masterfully challenge the laws of gravity, paraphrasing the ethereal marine densities of jellyfish or the geometric light mountains of lamps and furnishings.

Patrizia Tedesco
president of the Theatricos Theatre Association,
organizer and curator of the female exhibition
"Women in Art in Val d'Elsa" in 2005
with the patronage of the Equal Opportunity Ministery


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