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Daniela Forti was born in Rome in 1960.
She earned a degree in Architecture and Design from the Art School of Rome; after which she had the opportunity to learn in-depth
techniques and knowledge by practicing and working at the glass art studio “FORME.”
She developed a particular expressive mastery of this material succeeding in manifesting her own creativity in the divergent process linking fluidity and heat to colors as to the hard and rigid transparency of glass in its natural state.
She became immediately fascinated with famous international glass artists such as
Dale Chihuly, Toots Zynsky and Cuny Jutta

Panorama Tuscany

In 1982 Daniela Forti transferred to Tuscany and opened a fully-equipped professional studio. She was given the task to illuminate the prestigious “LYONS CLUB“ of Rome while at the same time collaborating with various Tuscan glassworks.

From Florence to Empoli and all the way to the Arno Valley, her work began to receive praise and success, and not just in Italy. From these fortunate events, she received many requests and opportunities to develop her independent creativity as follow-on orders multiplied. Passing from interior design of prestigious shops to exposition space decoration, to honing her skills in artistic glasswork for sacred and religiuos places, Daniela Forti consolidated her mastery in the correlation between light and glass.

Once the initial decorative phase was over, these elements became established as a purly sculptural vocation giving birth to personal techniques and independent structures. That’s how, cycles and expressions come one after the other, evolving from “TraMe” to the lyrical series of “MEDUSE” passing into the series of “CACTUS” and finishing in the complex and transparent fluidity of the “FRUTTIERE (Fruit baskets)” where fantasy, forms and colors intertwine with plasticity, composition and pure expression of sculptural innovation. Form, color, taste and transparency linked together with a deep understanding of the materials used, translate the silent language of Daniela Forti’s glass sculpture across a glimmer of light and plasticity simplifying the artistic message while facilitating the immediacy of understanding.

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